The WXEL Tri-County Literacy Initiative for Adults & Families was informally launched in 2005 as a result of the Literacy Leadership Summit which WXEL hosted in April 2005 in the WXEL studios thanks to a grant from the National Center for Media Engagement (formerly NCO). WXEL served as the convener for education and literacy leaders at this summit. These literacy leaders represented several non-profits organizations and school districts from the tri-county area of Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties.

Many of these leaders---such as Darlene Kostrub from the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County plus educators from the three school districts---have been involved with WXEL for the purposes of literacy activities over the past several years. Plus, WXEL's education team continues to send literacy updates by e-mail to the participating organizations about WXEL's literacy and engagement activities as well as those activities of the others in the tri-county area.