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Fast Forward is an online course that covers all the subject areas, critical thinking skills, online tools, and question formats learners need to do well on the new high school equivalency tests. Developed by Kentucky Educational Television, a trusted leader in producing adult education study materials for more than 40 years, Fast Forward uses an array of approaches to help learners build understanding of both the why and the how of each subject.

Fast Forward offers:
· An individualized learning plan for each student
· Technology that allows students to practice all question formats used on the actual exams
· Plenty of opportunities to interact with the material
· Feedback showing learner progress
· Videos that introduce and explain concepts
· A management system for educators to see how learners are progressing and to generate reports

Lessons are easy to follow. Each subject is divided into topics and lessons and each lesson is divided into skills needed for that subject. Each lesson has an introduction, instruction and examples. Interactive technology and videos appear throughout the course as well as special online tools like a key word glossary, onscreen calculator and highlighter.

Throughout the course, learners find skill checks, lesson quizzes and larger quizzes called topic reviews. At the end of each section, learners take a post-test to see how well they did with the content. Each subject has a practice test that is about one-half the length of the official GED® test and mimics the types of questions and skills learners will encounter.

When a learner feels ready, he or she can take the GED Ready™ practice test available from the GED Testing Service and included with the purchase of Fast Forward online courses.

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Fast Forward College & Career Ready GED program and Dropping Back In, sponsored by:
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