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The Program Trust Society, formerly known as the Program Trust Fund, was established in 1981 to recognize generous endowment and capital gifts. Today, this important society also recognizes cumulative giving of $25,000 or more from many philanthropic friends.

The future of South Florida PBS depends on charitable giving so our tradition of recognizing major donors is a distinct pleasure and vital to the future of public television. We salute all of our Program Trust Society members and encourage others to join this prestigious group. They are the lifeblood of South Florida PBS.

Program Trust Society


Please join us in celebrating the following members of The Program Trust Society.

The Batchelor Foundation

Mr. George T. Elmore

The Fortin Foundation of Florida, Inc.

The Eunice Joyce Gardiner Charitable Foundation

Josephine S. Leiser Foundation

Henri and Flore Lesieur

The Schmidt Family Foundation

The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation

Addison Hines Charitable Trust

The Kirk Foundation

The Audrey Love Charitable Foundation

The Ben Tobin Foundation

The Stanford L. Ziff Family Foundation

Fred Berens

The Walter & Adi Blum Foundation

Sidney and Estelle Brozen Foundation

Mrs. James Courim

Simon C. Fireman Charitable Foundation

Mrs. Pamela Friedman

Eleanor Goldstein

Mrs. Audrey Milsaps


George and Helen Weaver

Francois and Sheila Brutsch

Cargill Foundation

Harvey & Roberta Chaplin

The Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation

Els Foundation Inc.

Florida Crystals Corporation

Joseph and Sally Handleman Foundation Trust

The Kessler Family Foundation

Leonard & Norma Klorfine Foundation

Marjorie Korach

Lattner Family Foundation

Herme De Wyman Miro

Mrs. Patricia Papper

Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone

Mrs. George I. Reynolds

Joseph and Louise Rumbaugh

Magin Sagarra

Andrew L. Ansin

Mrs. Fay P. Aronson

The American Foundation for the Arts

George T. Baker Foundation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. James Batmasian

Kerrin and Peter Bermont

Richard Bloomgarden Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Irving Bolotin

The Brunetti Foundation

Mrs. Judy Buechner

Mrs. Loretta Cooper (Charles)

Florence DeGeorge

Do Unto Others Trust

Robert “Bob” Elmore

Samuel J. & Connie M. Frankino Foundation

Albert Fund

The Graham Foundation

Flagler Greyhound Track

Mrs. Lucille Friedson

Helliwell Family Foundation

Mrs. Edwin A. Huston

Mr. and Mrs. S. Lawrence Kahn, III

Jay I. Kislak Philanthropic Fund

Robert O. Law Foundation

Ellen Liman

Moldrup Foundation

Lois Pope

Ari Rifkin

Mrs. C. William (Marita) Ritterhoff

Roland W. Roberts

Nicholas Robinson

Mary & Emanuel Rosenfeld Foundation

Barbara Sherry

Louis C. Skinner Foundation, Inc.

Jack Taylor Family Foundation

Herbert & Francine Tobin

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Winsberg

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Yardley

Anthony R. Abraham Foundation

Steven Alpertstein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Baal

Ruby Bacardi

Helen S. & Merrill L. Bank Foundation, Inc.

Thomas Burns

Edward Busch

Robert Campbell

Thomasina Caporella

Vince Cerone

Marcy & Leona Chanin Foundation

David & Rhoda Chase

The William J. & Isobel G. Clarke Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Clinton

Mr. Victor Damone

Mrs. Susan S. Davis

Mr. Carl DeSantis

Richard & Helen Devos Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. George Dooley

Edward W. Easton

Florman Family Foundation

Gloria Garcia

The Gardens Mall

Mr. Samuel Gordon

Martin & Audrey Gruss

Mrs. Marguerite G. Haldeman

Evelyn Jacoben

JFK Medical Center

Dale Kahle

Herbert D. & Eleanor M. Katz Foundation

Sylvia Katz

Mr. & Mrs. Irving Kriesberg

The Charles N. and Eleanor Knight Leigh Foundation

Mrs. Donna Litowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Loving

Mr. Derek E. Lyth

Corinne Maietta

Drs. Paul & Joan Mayer

The Alex & Agnes O. McIntosh Foundation

The William J. McKeehan Foundation

Mr. Sigurd W. Michelson

Suzy Minkoff

The D. Richard Mead Charitable Foundation

Robert Montgomery

Frank Moya Charitable Foundation

The Park Foundation

The Peninsula Charities Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Puckett

Mr. David and the Honorable Nan Rich

Mr. Tony Rodriguez

Mrs. Barbara M. Rogers

The William J. and Tina Rosenberg Foundation

Blanka Rosenstiel Foundation

Mrs. Audrey Ross

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Schecter

Schumann Foundation Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce G. Shaffner

Jacqueline Simkin

Mr. Glenn D. Talbot

Mrs. Robert H. Taurig

May Tooker

Debra Tornaben

The Windhover Foundation

This recognition list reflects gifts received by June 30, 2018. If you see a discrepancy please contact the Development office.

For further information and assistance with giving opportunities please contact our Development Department at 1-877-272-7867 or email