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Prehistoric Road Trip

Welcome to Fossil Country

Travel through billions of years of history to meet some of the earliest life forms.

Great Performances


Enjoy a close look at Texas governor Ann Richards in this play starring Holland Taylor.


The Virus: What Went Wrong?

As COVID-19 spread from Asia to Europe, why was the U.S. caught so unprepared?


Changing Seas | American Samoa's Resilient Coral Reefs

Sunday, July 5 at 9:30 PM

Experts study what makes American Samoa’s coral reefs more resilient than reefs elsewhere.

Marie Antoinette: The Doomed Queen

Tuesday, July 7 at 8:00 PM

Uncover the myths and secrets that led the doomed Marie Antoinette to the guillotine.

Grantchester | Episode 4

Wednesday, July 8 at 9:00 PM

A streaker is found dead, sparking an unusual case for Will and Geordie.

Children's Services Council | EveryParent

Create a free family profile to get trusted tips, expert advice and Palm Beach County resources on parenting topics, things to do and more!


South Florida PBS Kids 24/7 Channel is providing a new education schedule to assist in your child’s at-home learning. Check out the learn-at-home schedule and teacing resources.

All Health All The Time

Created by South Florida PBS, the Health Channel is the first TV channel of its kind, offering a uniquely designed concept that connects you with medical professionals.

South Florida PBS on Youtube TV

Great news! There are more ways than ever to watch your favorite PBS programs. WXEL South Florida PBS is now streaming live with a YouTube TV subscription.