Tim Malloy, award-winning reporter, anchor & war correspondent, and local television news personality for nearly 20 years, has been to Afghanistan more than half a dozen times and was embedded with American troops there.

Part 1: The Remarkable story of the Medevac miracles that save America’s men and women in Afghanistan.
In this special one hour report, you will see the Medevac teams in action, you will hear from the wounded...some perilously close to death...as they tell the stories of how they were saved. Also, you will meet the Medevac teams; dedicated, compassionate and committed to saving lives, even if their own are put in harm’s way in the process.

Now, exclusively on WXEL-TV, in vivid detail, he tells the story of the courageous men and women who put their own lives on the line to save our wounded soldiers, plucking them from the battlefield while under devastating enemy fire.

The program features Tim Malloy as the anchor & host, as well as South Florida residents who served in the war.