GED Connection, part of the PBS LiteracyLink Project, airs on WXEL Television Fridays at 1:00pm. GED Connection is available to more than 82 million households via broadcast on public television stations. The program assists students as they prepare for the GED exam through videos, workbooks, and online activities.


Wondering how to prepare for the GED Test? PBS LiteracyLink's GED Connection is a stand-alone multimedia learning system that helps adult learners advance toward their GED and improve skills needed at the workplace. Combining video programs, print, and online computer technology, GED Connection helps learners develop strategies and practice for success on the GED 2002 exam and beyond. If you register and create a home space now, you can save your work in your own online portfolio. The LiteracyLink Online Management System allows teachers to coach adult learners as they work online lessons, creating the first adult literacy Distance Learning system.

GED Connection combines

39 video programs, broadcast by Public Television stations or available as videotapes
3 student workbooks covering Reading/Writing, Social Studies/Science, and Math
5 interactive online learning modules, with practice tests, online activities and quizzes for each GED Connection lesson.

These integrated multimedia components work together to make studying for the GED easy for a busy adult who needs to work at his or her own pace.

Use GED Connection at home, at work, at the library, or your local adult education center. You can view the lessons on your local public television stations, record these lessons, and use the videotapes to study at home. Many local adult education programs, community colleges, one-stop career centers, or libraries have GED Connection videos and books available, with classes and teachers to help you, too. You can register for a free portfolio and use GED practice tests and quizzes with automatic scoring and feedback, plus extensive learning modules for each of the five GED subject areas. Online teachers from several states are available to coach adult learners in virtual classrooms. You can order GED Connection workbooksto use at home or ask for them at an adult education center or library near you.

Three full-color GED Connection workbooks & cover all five subject areas and provide lots of skill-building and test-taking practice

Language Arts: Reading and Writing
Science and Social Studies
Each workbook chapter corresponds to a video program and related online activities. Each workbook also contain a pretest and a practice test, to help students evaluate their GED readiness in that subject area, an answer key with explanations, a reference handbook with additional resources for GED preparations, a glossary, and an index.

You can order GED Connection workbooks online, or call KET at 1-800-354-9067.
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