STATE: Florida Public Broadcasting Service

Florida Public Broadcasting Service coordinates with WXEL throughout the year for information, or to alert WXEL about future projects or other opportunities

FPBS represents all of the PBS and NPR stations serving the markets in the state of Florida, including WXEL TV/FM. FPBS may serve as a project facilitator or even as a project partner for WXEL. In preparing key reports, FPBS regularly seeks educational and engagement information from the education team at WXEL and also from other public broadcasting stations. Throughout the year it provides information to WXEL regarding different opportunities for collaboration with both FPBS and possibly other PBS or NPR stations in Florida.
NATIONAL: American Public Television Stations

American Public Television Stations is a lobbying group for PBS stations coordinating with WXEL throughout the year.

APTS is the primary national lobbying group for PBS stations across the country. APTS contacts in Washington, D.C. coordinate on a regular basis with WXEL throughout the year through "action alerts" and other messages involving urgent funding issues for public television stations. WXEL processes the information and makes phone calls and sends e-mail messages to the appropriate members of the U.S. Congress who represent WXEL's viewing and listening area. This U.S. Congress members include U.S. Representatives such as Congressman Ron Klein, Congressman Alcee Hastings, and Congressman Robert Wexler along with U.S. Senator Bill Nelson and U.S. Senator Mel Martinez. ONAL: American Public Television Stations
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