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With your membership gift of $75 or more, you will receive the WXEL MemberCard. Simply present your MemberCard to receive 2-for-1 savings and discounts at more than 150 local restaurants, attractions, and bed and breakfasts.  Plus thousands more benefits nationwide and into Canada.


Join WXEL today and be rewarded!


MemberCard is an exclusive benefit of membership that provides member-only values over your 12-month membership period. If you like...

  • Dining out and trying new restaurants
  • Visiting the opera, symphony, or theater
  • Playing a round of golf
  • Staying at a great bed and breakfast

...then you can enjoy all of these 2-for-1 savings simply by supporting your local public broadcasting station.

In addition to feeling good about supporting public broadcasting, members appreciate the MemberCard because it helps to stretch their entertainment dollar, and encourages them to try new places. So it's a win-win for all.

As a public broadcasting station member at the MemberCard level or above, you can also access benefits as you travel for business or pleasure from the East Coast to the West Coast and across Canada at more than 11,000 restaurants, arts and cultural attractions, golf and bed and breakfast establishments.


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