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Stephen Humphrey Bogart, son of movie legends Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall and a TV & movie producer in his own right, has launched his half-hour series “Bogart on Movies” exclusively on WXEL-TV in HD.

The half-hour program features movie reviews with Steve’s comments and ratings of current movies, and a Classic Movie pick of the week. In addition, the program includes an interactive feature, with viewers in the communities served by WXEL participating through social media and e-mail, and Bogart responding to their comments and questions. During the program series, Steve shares backstories and reveals tales of film greats and not-so-greats that Inform, Entertain and Fascinate.

There's also a purely fun segment called “Carla’s Campy Pics” with a brief look at some of the worst ‘B’ movies in Hollywood history and the soon-to-be stars who’ve appeared in them.

Steve Bogart said: “I am excited to be part of the new WXEL-TV. I want to give viewers a new perspective on what they can expect to see when they spend their hard-earned money to go to the movies. I love movies…the great ones, the good ones and even the bombs and I will call them as I see them. I am also excited to be able to use interactive & Social Media to include the TV audience in the program. “

In announcing the new program, Bill Scott, WXEL-TV Executive Vice President, said “Steve brings to 'Bogart on Movies' the experience of having grown up in the heyday of the Hollywood film colony and New York’s theater and TV worlds and will share with viewers behind the scenes stories which will provide new perspectives for them.  We are proud to have Steve be the first of a number of new locally produced & oriented-series and programs on the new WXEL-TV.”

'Bogart on Movies' is broadcast each week on Friday evenings at 5:30PM and twice on Saturdays, at 10:30AM and 6:00PM.

Read more about Bogart on Movies and watch FULL episodes here

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