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1917 PBSFirst public radio station broadcasts from University of Wisconsin.
1938 PBSFCC establishes new type of high-frequency broadcast station for noncommercial radio.
1945 PBSFCC reserves 20 channels (88-92MHz) exclusively for noncommercial FM radio broadcasting.
1949 PBSPacifica Foundation started KPFFA, Berkeley, CA, first nonprofit, community-run station.
1952 PBSFCC reserves educational channels throughout nation in first allocation of television channels.
1953 PBSKUHT-TV activates in Houston, TX, first noncommercial television station. 1962 PBS Federal government funds public broadcasting through Education Television Facilities Act.
1967 PBSPublic Broadcasting Act of 1967 becomes law.
1967 WXELHagen Ranch Elementary School requests FM radio license for innovative approach to educate migrant families.
1967 WXELCorporation for Public Broadcasting(CPB) is formed; Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood debuts.
1969 PBSRegular national TV program distribution begins, five nights a week; Sesame Street goes on the air; CPB forms PBS.
1969 WXELWHRS (later to become WXEL), the nation’s first radio station designed to bridge the gap between migrant workers and middle class, goes on the air.
1970 PBSCPB forms National Public Radio(NPR).
1971 PBSNPR’s All Things Considered premiers.
1972 WXELWHRRS becomes NPR affiliate. Receives national recognition from NASA for nation’s first Spanish-language space launch broadcast of Apollo 16.
1974 WXELStation emphasis changes to classical music, fine art, with Spanish language and bilingual programs in early morning hours.
1975 PBSThe Robert MacNeil Report (forerunner of MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour) debuts.
1975 WXELFriends of Public Broadcasting group is formed to help support work of WHRS. They call for the creation of a local public television station.
1977 WXELWHRS boosts power to 35,500 kilowatts and moves to 90.7 frequency. 1979 PBS NPR’s Morning Edition premiers.
1980 WXELConstruction of television antenna begins.
1981 WXELWHRS FM license moves from Palm Beach County School Board to private South Florida Public Telecommunications, Inc. (SFPT), which also is the licensee for WWPF/Ch.42.
1982 WXELWHRS TV (originally called WWPF) signs on the air with broadcast of Sesame Street. Shortly after, Jim Barry hosts Financial Freedom, WHRS’ first local television production.
1985 WXELWHRS officially changes call letters to WXEL.
1994 WXELSFPT develops organization’s first mission and vision statements, setting future direction based on educational broadcast and non-broadcast communication services. WXEL and Palm Beach Community College provide distance learning with the area’s first college-credit telecourse broadcast.
1995 WXELWXEL & WLRN - Miami create the Southeastern Regional Ready to Learn Service—the nation’s largest community-based program geared towards getting children ready for education.
1997 WXELWXEL merges with Barry University. Jerry Carr becomes President and CEO.
2000 WXELWXEL-Sun-Sentinel News premieres in May on 90.7FM.
2002 WXELWXEL TV42 celebrates its 20th Anniversary.
2003 WXELWXEL 90.7FM has raises its antenna height by 314% and increases its power by 152% to better serve South Florida and The Treasure Coast.
2004 WXELWXEL begins digital transmission on July 4, 2004 on channel 27.
2009 WXELWXEL turns off its analog signal and goes all digital on April 16, 2009.
2010 WXELIn March 2010, Jerry Carr retires as President and CEO of WXEL and Bernie Henneberg becomes President and General Manager.
2010 WXELOn April 20, 2010, Barry votes to sell WXEL 90.7FM to Classical South Florida.
2011 WXELOn May 25, 2011, Sale final; Radio station's call letters change to WPBI. WXEL TV42 continues operating as a PBS affiliate.
2012 WXELThe WXEL Public Broadcasting Corporation (referred to as “Corporation”), is a management-led group that was formed to acquire WXEL-TV from Barry University. The Corporation is a Florida not-for-profit educational organization operating as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit. Approval for this transfer was granted by the Department of Education of the State of Florida. In July, after completing an extension review of our application, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted the Corporation the license to operate WXEL-TV. This marks the first time in over a decade that WXEL operates as a truly locally owned community station. A new Board of Trustees was created representing the individual and geographic diversity of the community.